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The Search for the Tooth...

The Search for the Tooth...

TTR Unleashed - the reincarnation of Truth Theorem Radio (TTR, for short), a popular internet radio show exploring paranormal, fringe, and conspiratorial topics such as UFO's and Cryptozoology, began in 2010 when 2 everyday, regular dudes discovered their passion for exploring these and other themes related to the unknown. Warren and Jason explored these realms of inquiry with reckless abandon over 6 years, several studios, and an infinite number of challenges along the way.

Warren and Jason developed, produced, and engineered TTR, and the pair added to the show several individuals to enhance and broaden the scope of perception this internet-based broadcast delivered to loyal fans worldwide. Dale, Nate and our late friend Rob Hall all contributed over the five-season-long series of broadcasts. Though trial and error, inherent change, and other antecedents would reduce the cast to the founding members on several occasions.

Their drive, passion, and an intrinsic love of broadcasting propelled Truth Theorem Radio to popularity around the world. Warren and Jason co-developed and constructed one of today's best and steadily-growing broadcast platforms, known as “The Planet –”. Alongside the likes of the most popular personalities to explore this strange and provocative subject matter (Richard Dolan, Mack Maloney, and Race Hobbs, to name a few), TTR became a respected brand within these communities through their skeptical, perspicuous delivery, creative production, and never-too-serious commentary and interviews. Truth Theorem Radio also aired on its own platform – KTTR featured TTR, a weekly DJ showcase developed and produced by Nate and eclectic mix of pop and rock music.

After six years of pursuing their truths with TTR, Warren and Jason set the show aside to develop projects in the real world of business. It wasn't long before the two men yearned for the airwaves again, and with Nate on board the trio created a new, redefined, and more humorous iteration of the radio show. TTR Unleashed was born from the raw energy of personal growth, humble confidence, and an undeniable predilection for creative living.

The first broadcast of TTR Unleashed airs on Sept. 30th, 2016 live on Armed with passion, experience, and an insatiable appetite for the truth, Warren, Jason, and Nate begin this journey to bring their unique brand and style to those who would listen and share in this voyage. Featuring all-new production in both visual and audible arts, TTR Unleashed is here to leave upon this world their distinct and brilliant mark.

Welcome to the Evolution...

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