Episode 6.03 Monique Jackman And Dina Rae

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Episode 6.3 Monique Jackman And Dina Rae

October 28th, 2016

Dina Rae is a novelist who has written several books. She likes to weave academic research and suspense throughout each of her literary endeavors. Her fiction works consist of, Halo Of The Nephilim, Halo Of The Damned, The Last Degree and Bad Juju. Her first non-fiction work is Big Pharma, Big Agri, Big Conspiracy. Her mostThe Best Seller recent novel is The Best Seller. Dina has been interviewed by e-zines, blogs, newspapers and radio programs. She is a self proclaimed expert on several conspiracy theories and also enjoys reading about religion, UFO’s, New World Order, Government Conspiracies, political intrigue and other cultures.

Dina lives outside of Dallas, Texas with her Husband, her two daughters and thier dog. She is a Christian, an avid tennis player, movie buff and teacher. When she isn’t writing, some of her favorite authors are, Dan Brown, Stephen King, Brad Thor, George R. R. Martin and Preston Childs.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DinaRaeBooks
Twitter: @haloofthedamned
YouTube Videos:

Monique Jackman is a certified psychic, active crystal healer, retired New York City Police investigator, and spiritual medium. She is also a High Priestess Turning Crone of Strega, a position rooted in an ancient form of witchcraft born in the lineage of old Italy’s mystical bloodlines. Monique shares her connection to the spirit in many forms of work and practice, including Reiki, oils, jewelry, teachings, Hoodoo and Voodoo practice as well as Shamanic Healing.

As the found and CEO Code 3: Security and Investigations. Monique offers investigative security and certifications as well as the widest variety of security services and products of any similar business in Utah.

Don’t forget to check out her listing her healing and well-being services, along with many more things about Monique. You’ll find them at


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