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Hey Everyone! Nate here to address something that I let slip past me and the crew with regard to one of our guests last Friday, Ms. Stephanie Osborn.  Stephanie Osborn, International Woman of Mystery appeared on TTR Unleashed Friday, October 21st to share with us stories of her time as a civilian and military rocket scientist, her experience with NASA, and most importantly, her incredible and massive body of literary work.

When I booked Stephanie, we exchanged several emails, and through these communications, she requested the promotion of three specific items, which I will provide shortly. Where I failed in my work is to communicate this request to Warren and Jason, and by doing that, the topics she wished to discuss were not discussed on the TTR Unleashed. So, I’m writing this as a formal apology to Ms. Osborn, a reminder to follow through and be more attentive to detail with our valued guests, and as a promotional tool to let each of you know about her wonderful work. Not only her work, but her LIFE , in general. Stephanie Osborn is a FASCINATING individual that I alone could spend hours talking about all the things she’s seen and heard, and never tire of the talk.

Here are just a few of the amazing books Stephanie has written:


Sherlock Holmes And The Mummy’s Curse (Book 1 of the Gentleman Aegis series.)
This book was just released last November and has won a Silver Falchion Award.


Fear In The French Quarter (Book 6 of the Displaced Detective series.)
The Displaced Detective series has been described as “Sherlock Holmes meets The X-Files.”

Stephanie also has a brand new series in development she is calling, “Division One”
Current planes are for book one, Alpha and Omega, to be released the first of next year. This action-adventure science fiction mystery is built on the idea of men in black that make things “go away.” It has a blend of secret agent, a hint of romance and tongue in cheek humor.  Don’t forget to check out her website for more books and information.

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