THANKS, and a Big, Wet Kiss.

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Hi, everyone, this is Nate, and I’m writing this as a direct letter to each one
of you who participated in the debut of TTR UnleashedSeptemter 30th.
You are any one of the people that helped develop, engineer, produce,
and put up with me to help in your way. You are the people who took the time
to listen on KGRA or at the website. You are those who came to the
studio to see us do the damn thing. This letter is to say thank you for
participating.TTR Unleashed is the primary catalyst for the entirety of the Moonlight
Project Co. entertainment endeavor. Truth Theorem Radio was loved the
way it was because of the guys that hosted it. Warren and Jason have this
incredible dynamic between them, and my favorite part of this dynamic is
the subtlety of it. I haven’t met two closer friends that are so independent
of each other. That dynamic was the foundation upon which the show
rested, and even to this day that’s the case. I’m a hack, at best. I’m
blessed with some performance ability, but this is a whole other kind of
monster. But Warren and Jason have something special between them.
It’s hard for even my wordy head to describe.

The point is that I’m grateful beyond words for everything. A few people
know what this means in context and in its entirety, and if you stick around
long enough and the world don’t burn down, you’ll know, too. The
experience of that short two hours was something I’ll never forget.
Because I’m writing it here, and I’m a bit of a narcissist when it comes to
my own art. I like it.

What’s coming in the weeks and months ahead is uncharted territory for
us. We’ve all put our hearts into everything we do here, and the passion,
the blood, the sweat, the tears, and all things hither and thither (I love
those words). What successes we may or may not see will be the results
of honest, hard work, passion for said work, and the ability to love
unconditionally through kindness, openness, and forgiveness.
So thank you, everyone. I really, really mean EVERYONE. No one is left
out. Even those who have opted for different paths and separate
journeys. We all got it this far. But just slightly more important…the
biggest thank you is to Warren and Jason. You guys somehow find the
diamonds in the rough, and the people you’ve surrounded yourselves with
believe in their work, believe in you guys, and as a result believe in
themselves. The best is yet to come, my friends.
And I sincerely thank you all, again. Here’s to many years of Mindful


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