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You have made a wise and judicious choice navigating to this page.  The entire Truth Theorem Radio (TTR) archive is contained herein for your listening pleasure.  TTR has welcomed many guests over the five seasons of broadcasts.  While not EVERY show is available to you (someone may or may not have forgotten to push record and/or save on occasion), the vault is rife with awesome shows, guests, and topics to challenge the status quo, and will also open your perception to new possibilities. So, why don't you dig in and fest upon this bounty? Each season is posted in it's own pop-up player and you can access them by clicking the links below.  The shows available to you to stream, in addition to the TTR boys' skits & commercials are available for streaming on your desktop, laptop, and mobile devices as well.  You'll love all the great recordings and broadcasts here, and it's all for your ears to consume with reckless abandon.

Dedicated to the memory of Rob Hall

We'd like to dedicate the The Truth Theorem Radio archives to the loving memory of our fallen brother, Rob Hall.  Not only was Rob was a co-host, contributor, and writer for the TTR team, he was simply one of the funniest and most loving people on this Earth.  We love him dearly and we miss him greatly, and your presence will help preserve his name. Here stands a monument to his memory.  Rest easy, brother.

Thank you for visiting, and most of all, we invite you to listen to your hearts content, and we hope to catch you every Friday night at 8PM East/5PM West LIVE on for TTR Unleashed!!!