Episode 6.08 – Joseph Holmes And Travis Rasmussen

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TTR Unleashed Episode 6.8

Joseph Holmes And Travis Rasmussen

In 1991 Joseph Holmes experienced a drastic change in his life. He suffered a nervous breakdown followed by a period of deep depression that ushered in what he calls, “dark night of the soul.” Over time Joseph became aware of angels around him. After that, his life with Mother Mary, and most notably Mary Magdalene (“Maggie”) with her, Love Notes For Your Soul, began in earnest. Joseph believes that the Power of Angels touches on many aspects of daily living and Success Principles, including the Law of Attraction. He has created a book series, Loving Yourself Wealthy as well as Love Notes For Your Soul and Sacred Wealth.
Website: http://www.lovenotesforyoursoul.com/

Travis Rasmussen graduated with honors from Weber State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2007. He then became a Permanency worker for DCFS in Magna/West Valley. After experiencing several setbacks and losses over the next 10 years, Travis turned to his pagan practices. As a druid, he followed his path of nature worship, energy working, Tarot readings and Rune Castings. This is where Tavis found guidance, grounding, and ultimately the path to being the Wizard of Ogden.
During this time of personal healing, Travis’s friends started requesting that he perform readings for them. By 2010 I was doing readings at Planet Rainbow inside the Rainbow Gardens, in Ogden and by 2012 he decided to go out on his own and expand beyond the “gift store psychic” gig. Travis began doing public readings around Odgen, Utah. People could often find him at Liberty Park and at coffee shops like the Grounds For Coffee on 25th street.
With his trade in a backpack Travis read all over the Wasatch, sometimes bringing other readers with him but mostly he remained solo, breaking barriers and stereotypes in public. Travis believes that once people experience it, or even see someone else experiencing what it’s all about, fears and stigma will subside. By 2011 he was participating in events, like the infinite possibilities expo, the awaken your hearts event, and most recently, the grateful goddess gathering. These events sparked some great networking and now he’s connected as a reader to several stores and venues throughout Utah. If you happen to be in Utah today, Travis is available to make appointments. You can find him at The Hidden Sage in Sunset, The 7th Pearl in Brigham City, Vibez in Ogden, Coffee Creations in Saratoga Springs and Grounds for Coffee on 25th in Ogden.

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