Episode 6.01 – Nancy Hartwell And Chuck Stansburge

Friday, October 14th – 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern

As a high school senior, Chuck experienced his first UFO encounter. After several more experiences overseas as a Marine and on his home turf as a Colorado State Trooper, he began investigating UFO encounters on his own. Chuck would then go on to work with several people seeking these truths beginning in 1994 and has since retired and taken his passion for revealing the cold truth about UFO’s and alien life on our planet. He’s encountered the infamous Men in Black, uncovered lost tales of UFO encounters and to this day, lives his life in pursuit of the great revelation that we are NOT alone in the universe OR here on Earth. Join us as we interview Chuck at 5pm PST/8pm EST only on The PLanet – http://www.kgraradio.com & streaming live at TTRUnleashed.com